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A person who do not limit oneself on just one thing. The whole concept of this project study and share the theories and events that happened and may happen of One Piece story through its cover page and summary of each chapter.

What is OnePieceCovers

It's all about creating a community for all one piece lovers and people who are curious about the story. We decided to create this project since we all know that one piece universe is getting pretty big each year. As of 2018 we are still half way of its story. So it will be worthy to create such project as this and to be able to provide great informations of you all.

We Offer

* We have a complete list of all chapter covers. (on the making)

* We offer advance search for advance search of characters, speculation and chapters, advance :search of characters,;speculation and chapters, advance search of; characters, specul:ation and chapters, a;d etc through our search page.

* We provide links for any available free manga, reviews, theory video.

* We will be adding more feature soon.